Vacuum Pump System
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Vacuum Pump System

LUSHUN Vacuum Pump System Series mainly but not limited contains: (I) ZJ Series Vacuum Pump System, (II) XZJ Series Pint-Sized Vacuumizer, (III) QZJ Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump Set.  Different vacuum pump system sub-series shall be used for different application fields with different working principle and functions. 

(I) ZJ Series Vacuum Pump System is applied to vacuum evacuation operation for electrical equipment in power distribution industry, power supply bureau, power plant and transformers manufacturers. It can achieve 10 pa working vacuum and 1 pa limited vacuum degree. The system is not suitable for pumping toxic gas, explosive gas, high-oxygen content gas, high-moisture content gas and the gas which will react with pump oil or cause erosive effect on ferrous metal.

(II) XZJ Series Pint-sized Vacuumizer is applicable to vacuumize electrical equipment like circuit breaker, instrument transformer, GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) and refill gas SF6.

(III) QZJ Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump Sets are suitable for establishing and maintaining the vacuum condition of turbine generator sets and condenser of that. During the operation of vacuum system, it continuously suck out the air which was inleakaged into turbine set and its condenser from different way. The scale of water-ring vacuum pump set adequate for condenser will be decided by the scale of inleakaged air volume of condenser. If the inleakaged air can not be sucked out in time, the stability and performance of turbine unit will be affected. For lowering the consumption and energy conservation, the better is the vacuum condition, the lower will be the steam and power consumption in power plant. So the vacuum system for condensers is very important to power plant. It will directly affect the economical efficiency and stability of power plant operation. At present, for a lot of self-generation power plant, garbage power plant and thermal power plant, their vacuum systems are generally water-jet pumping system or steam-jet system. These systems all adopt out-dated technique and the maintenance will be very inconvenient. New power plant generally directly adopts new design of water-ring vacuum pump system.


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