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Turbine Oil Purifier

LUSHUN Turbine Oil Purifier mainly but not limited contains: (I) TY Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier, (II) ZRG-I Series Dehydration Dedicated Oil Purifier, (III) RG Series Coalescence Separation Turbine Oil Purifier,  (IV) LXF Series Mineral Oil Centrifugal Machine. Different sub-series shall be applied for different turbine oil source with different working principle and working performance. 

(I) TY Series Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifiers are applied to thermal power generating set, hydro electric generating set, nuclear power station and steam turbine set in which turbine oil is used in huge quantity. The machine can purify the oil in due time before it is deteriorated. Furthermore, TY machine can treat oil with gas and water, deteriorated oil, oil with acid, oil with foam and emulsified oil to efficiently remove the water, gas and impurities in that. By this way, the machine ensures the oil properties to meet the requirements of GB/T7596-2000 Turbine Oil Standard and to guarantee normal working of turbine generating set and its lubricating system. TY series turbine oil purifier can conduct online operation of demulsification, dehydration and filtration to make the heavily emulsified and cloudy turbine oil clean and transparent. 

(II) ZRG-I Series Dehydration Dedicated Oil Purifier are widely used in industries of petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy and power generation etc. It is very suitable for removing free water, emulsified water, impurities and gas in turbine oil and lubricating oil(gear oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil and refrigerant oil) with high water content efficiently and effectively while working online with lubricating system for long time by deeper purification to increase the filtration precision and cleanliness grade so as to improve the oil quality and regain its performance, protect the normal working of hydraulic system, dynamic system and lubrication system. ZRG series contains type ZRG-I (for oil below 220# ) and type ZRG-II (for oil above 220# ).

(III) RG Series Coalescence Separation Turbine Oil Purifier is consisted of rough filter, second filter, fine filter, coalescence separation filter, oil pump and electrical control system. It has three functions: 1) filtration and dehydration function to remove emulsified water, free water and impurities. 2) It can be used as oil filling machine only to remove impurities from oil. Its work theory: oil goes through specially made filter from outside to inside, by this direction, the hole of filter layer is smaller and smaller, different layer can prevent different size of impurities. This design improved lifetime and efficiency of filters. 3) There is inner circulation so that operator can replace coalescence and separation filter. It is used as the filtration and dehydration system for turbine oil. It combines high precision filtration and high efficiency dehydration functions, which can effectively remove impurities, emulsified water and free water from oil. It can improve oil quality, reduce cost of reprocessing and pollution, and lower the cost of maintenance and operation.

(IV) LXF Series Mineral Oil Centrifugal Machines are mainly applied to marine mineral oil and land mineral oil purification. At present, the main application of that includes the treatment of marine diesel oil, marine heavy fuel oil, marine lubricating oil, land power plant lubricating oil, engine testing oil, gas turbine oil and crude oil etc. LXF machine can separate water and solid particles from oil. The purified oil and separated oil will be continuously pumped oil while the sludge separated will be drained out regularly. The machine is composed of inlet and outlet device, frame of machine, rotary drum,vertical shaft,shaft coupling and water distribution device. Its working principle: The mixed liquid will be separated to different layers as the immiscible light liquid, heavy liquid and solid will get different forces for their different densities under the gravitational field or centrifugal force field. The separation under gravitational field is called gravitational separation while under centrifugal force field called centrifugal separation. The untreated oil come into rotary drum through oil pipe then the distributor will guide the oil to peripheral region and when it reaches to distributor hole it will be arise from channel formed from arc-hole of disc set and be distributed evenly to disc set. During flow back to the center of rotary drum, oil will be continuously separated with water and sludge.  After the separated oil leaves the disc set, it will come into chamber of centripetal pump and then be pumped out of rotary drum. The separated water and sludge are removed to peripheral region of separating cartridge. During the separation process, the separated water arises along with the outside disc side across the channel above the upper cap of disc and rotary drum hole then come into heavy phase pump chamber and be pumped out by heavy phase pump. The heavy residues are gathered in oil sludge space outside disc set and then be discharged regularly from drainage port.  Through above procedure to finish one cycle of separation process.  After several passes of treatment, the machine can efficiently remove water and impurities in the oil to meet the clients’ requirements. 


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