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Lubricating Oil Purifier

LUSHUN Lubrication Oil Purifier mainly but not limited contains: (I) ZRG-II Series Dehydration Dedicated Oil Purifier, (II) ZL Series Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier, (III) BRH Series High Precision Oil Purifier, (IV) BZL Series Explosion-proof Vacuum Oil Purifier, (V) GZL Series High Viscosity Lubricating Vacuum Oil Purifier, (VI) LD Series Refrigeration Oil Purifier, (V) LXJ Series Centrifugal Oil Purifier.  Different sub-series is with different working principling, performance and advantages for different lubricating oil purification treatment. 

(I) ZRG-II Series Dehydration Dedicated Oil Purifiers are widely used in industries of petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy and power generation etc. It is very suitable for removing free water, emulsified water, impurities and gas in turbine oil and lubricating oil(gear oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil and refrigerant oil) with high water content efficiently and effectively while working online with lubricating system for long time by deeper purification to increase the filtration precision and cleanliness grade so as to improve the oil quality and regain its performance, protect the normal working of hydraulic system, dynamic system and lubrication system. ZRG series contains type ZRG-I (for oil below 220# ) and type ZRG-II (for oil above 220# ).

(II)  ZL Series Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifiers are widely adopted by application fields of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, and chemical engineering to cleanse lubricating oil such as hydraulic oil, machine oil, coolant oil, refrigeration oil, gear oil, gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, heat treatment oil to remove the noxious substances like water content, impurities, and volatile matters (e.g. ammonia gas) effectively to improve and recover oil quality and performance, thus to guarantee the normal operation of hydraulic system, power system, and lubrication system. 

(III) BRH Series High Precision Oil Purifier are (1) used for purifying lubricating oil applied in hydraulic machineries to remove impurities and water contents to prevent oil from oxidization and acidity increase, thus to guarantee the lubricating performance of oil, prolong service life of equipment and ensure equipment’s continuous running without faults; (2) Used for purifying, replacing, and replenishing circuit-breaker lubrication oil applied by hydraulic mechanism of SF6 circuit breaker protector in various power stations; (3) for purifying water glycol. 

(IV) BZL Series Explosion-proof Vacuum Oil Purifiers are suitable for the industries including petroleum, petrochemical, chemistry, coal mining, metallurgy, power plant etc with flammable and combustible working conditions. All the components such as heating system, electric control system, motor and solenoid valves etc are well-selected by adopting Explosion-proof type with grade ExdⅡ BT4 and ExdⅡCT4 to adapt to different danger level. The BZL machine can be widely applied to the purification of many types of oil such as turbine oil, hydraulic oil, refrigerator oil, diesel and other lubricant oil to remove water, impurities and gas from the oil so as to improve its quality and recover its performance. 

(V) GZL Series High Viscosity Lubricating Vacuum Oil Purifiers are suitable for purification treatment of high viscosity lubricating oil which is used in industries of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemistry and power plant etc.  GZL machine can efficiently remove the water, impurities and harmful gas in the oil to improve the oil properties and recover its performance. It can be working online or working in circulation through preheating oil tank. 

(VI) LD Series Refrigeration Oil Purifiers are used for the vacuum degassing, dehydration, and particle removal from the refrigeration oil (mineral oil, PAG, ester oil POE, ether PVE, etc. ) that applied in refrigerator compressor, air-conditioner compressor, and automobile air-conditioning compressor, etc. It can be matched with flow meter of accumulation function, moisture detector, particle detector, and quantitative injection system. 

(VII) LXJ Series Centrifugal Oil Purifiers are widely applied in industries such as metallurgy, automobile engineering, locomotive engineering, machining, aircraft manufacturing, paper making, mining, petrochemical, power station, thermal power plant, shipping, machinery engineering, cement, food, plastic and rubber, military, metal stamping, heat treatment, plastic injection, etc. It can purify smear metal oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, engine oil, quenching oil, casting oil, drawing machine oil, rust-preventative oil, thermal transmission oil, cylinder oil, rolling-oil, circulation oil, locomotive oil, steam turbine oil, coolant oil, heavy oil, cleaning oil, heat transfer oil. The centrifugal force produced by this purifier not only can dislodge extensive particle impurities, even sub-micron particles from the oil, but also can separate water content out of the oil step by step. The isolated water content shall be kept in a water collector and removed when it is dismantled to wash.


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