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Quantitative Filling Machine

This machine used to quantitative oil filling for  compressor, refrigerating machine, engineering machinery, hydraulic system, oil tank and so on.
Technical parameter:
●Liquid medium : engine oil, transmission oil ,hydraulic oil, rear axle gear oil, compressor oil etc.
●Filling measure unit: L
●Filling precision:±0.5%
●Filling measure display range :0.000~999.999
●Filling pressure:(reference)0.1MPa~1.0MPa(adjustable)
●Filling flow rate range: 1L~18L /min(oil temperature 25℃)
●Filling process the beat:18L<120s(*when the length of filling pipeline ≤10M,It includes whole process time)
●Rehydration form: automatic Oil drum rehydration and centralized oil rehydration.
●Compressed air pressure:0.4MPa~0.8MPa
●Compressed air consumption:<0.3m3 /min(0.5 MPa)
The main component unit is made up of the computer control system, electric power control system, filling system, pneumatic control system, rehydration system, filling gun and pipeline accompany system and so on.
Working principle: this machine mainly via the PLC operating system control the electric power components and finish one time stable pressure and quantitative filling. When the machine working ,the operation system according to the preset program to hydration, constant temperature, automatic filling  with high speed finish filling.
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