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Large Capacity Washing Device

This unit is used to electric power , national defence, metallurgy, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, Light industry, oil depot and  so on .The Oil System  Large Capacity Washing aim to assure the equipment running safely .Such as the steam turbine oil system washing for  the electric power plant mounting or heavy repair  . and the oil system washing for the steel and steamer . The oil system using oil is hydraulic oil ,lubrication oil or another liquid which  should same the lubrication oil function .The  washing pressure ≤0.65MPa; Washing the system , at the same time filter oil and remove impurity and water .This machine is  Effcient、Using cost low、Easy to Operate and safely.
Main parts: large capacity pump, flow adjust valve ,filter system ,heater ,Meter ,electric control cabinet, sample valve and so on .When working ,the oil-in pipe ,oil-out pipe, oil system tank and needing to wash pipe all made up a casual oil recycling system .Large capacity pump  absorb the oil from the oil tank bottom .Through the flow adjust valve, filter , Fine filter  and heater , flow into oil system .The washing oil recycle flow .The flow speed more than  3m/s(this speed is more 3-4 times than the common speed).  Using high speed oil to wash the pipe impurity .and using filter to clean the oil .After filtering oil flow into the pipe, The cleanliness is satisfied with running demand .Throgh the heater to heat the oil (≤70℃).The system match the oil cooler to cool the oil to 20℃~30℃.  So it can saitisfied with changing temperature washing . and improve washing effect. When the oil temperature to  55℃~70℃ , start-up the  oil system discharge smoke fan ,through the strong stirring to remove the water from the oil .
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