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Chongqing Lushun Scientific & Technological Development Co.,Ltd. is a professional oil purifier, vacuum oil purifier manufacturers, a high-tech enterprise for designing, manufacturing and selling oil  many kinds of oil treatment equipment ( oil purifier, vacuum oil purifier), We have import & export right.

All products of our factory was made strictly according to standard JB/T5285-2008 by Ministry of Machine Building and standard DL/T521-2004 by Ministry of Power Industry.

After long years withdrawing of experience, non-stop innovating of technology and borrowing of advanced technology, quality of our products is high, capability is stable, pingzhong is full, besides, the design of heating device, cooling device, protection device of vacuum pump, pressure protection device of filters, foam-extinction device of vacuum oil purifier and all appearance of our products was awarded China national protent. Vacuum oil purifier such as TY Vacuum Purifier Series Solely Designed for Turbine Oil, ZL Vacuum Purifier Series Solely Designed for Lubricating Oil, JY Insulating Oil Vacuum Oil Purifier Series, GZL High Viscosity Lubricating Oil Purifier Series, ZRG Multi-Function Oil Purifier Series, ZJA Two-Stage High Efficiency Vacuum Oil Purifier Series, BZL Explosion-proof Vacuum Oil Purifier Series was awarded with : "CHONGQING CITY NEW PRODUCTS" by Chongqing Science & Technology committee.

Chongqing Lushun Scientific & Technological Development Co.,Ltd. registered protent.:
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ZL200620111198.1 ZL200620111197.7 ZL200620111200.5 ZL200820100420.7
ZL200820100419.4 ZL200820100421.1 ZL200820100417.5 ZL200820100418.X

Philosophy of Management:
Comity, Pragmatism, Breakthrough, Innovation.

Aim of Company:
Aim to be a world-class, advanced, professional oil purifier manufacturer.

Aim of the Quality:
Qualified products, satisfactory quality, reasonable price, excellent service for customers both at home and abroad.

Lushun Scientific & Technological,a creditable partner in oil purifier application

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