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Q:1. What is main function of oil purifiers?
A:Online filtration of lubricate oil, hydraulic oil to clear impurities and improve oil contents.

Q:2.What is operation mechanism of oil purifiers?
A:In theory, purifiers work based on different evaporation point between water and oil. By 3 dimensional evaporation, separation is realized.
In detail:There is dual ejection nozzle inside oil purifier. Use oil pump to fill oil into this nozzle. As soon as this nozzle is full, it ejects and achieve high power to rotate at 4000-6000r.p.m above, which is 2000 times of its gravity. Centrifuge is the core mechanism of separation.

Q:3.What main types of oil purifiers?
A:It can be divided into different types by mechanism. Plant frame oil purifier, vacuum oil purifier, coalescense oil purifier, centrifuge oil purifier, static absorption oil purifier, etc.
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