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Operation Skills of Vacuum Oil Purifier


Applied to purification of ultra high voltage transformer oil, 110KV—500KV. On site oil treatment and dehydration of damp equipment. Vacuum evacuation for installation and maintenance of transformer while filling oil.

Operation mechanism and feature

This machine use membrane evaporation and dehydration separation of oil and water, equipped with 2 stage vacuum pump and heaters, as well as high efficient degas unit. Normal temperature dielectric oil can reach national standard after treatment.  Complex micro hole filter technology with strong filtration capability.  Solid size, reliable operations, portable and mobile, easy for on site operation.

Work flow diagram

under vacuum condition, oil pass through rough filter and enters electric heater. After rotary separator and enters vacuum degas tank, water is excluded by bulb destroy process, condenser, roots pump and vacuum pump. After dehydration and degas process, oil passes fine filter to exclude particles and produce clear oil.

Installation and Trial

1、Install inlet/outlet oil pipe
2、Connect 3 phase 4 wire power meet total power. Turing direction of Vacuum pump, oil pump and roots pump should follow arrow direction.
3、Start vacuum pump, roots pump and oil pump and observe if any stiff or vibration.
4、Check oil, gas, water route if any leakage.


1、If possible, inlet oil pipe should extend to the bottom of oil tank to guarantee all pollutants and water can be excluded.
2、This machine adopts high efficient vacuum separator. When water content is high and vacuum degree is high, oil ejection may occur at the gas outlet hole. Vacuum degree can be improved slowly after  several recycles.
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