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Build brand image, breaking the bottleneck produced oil purifier

According to statistics, information analysis, export of domestic oil purifier manufacturers are in a relatively difficult bottleneck, and how to break the domestic oil purifier, vacuum oil purifier the plight of low-cost low-value-added, this problem has become increasingly clear the land before before the oil purifier manufacturer.

The right to operate independently from the country's foreign trade continued liberalization and domestic oil purifier manufacturer's continuous development and expansion of domestic oil purifier, vacuum oil exports growing, it is encouraging, but at the same time can be seen that the export price of each type oil purifier has continued to decline. Data compared with the same period in 2008,2009, the general decline in the amount of more than 10%, and even some types of products fall by more than 20%, most of the oil purifier company exports growing, but less and less export profits.

Low-quality products, low prices Duiying course, when we also should see that on the export of commodities, particularly for users in Europe and America countries, high quality, high value-added products mean high prices are reasonable and fully can happily received The. The oil purifier on many domestic manufacturers, it can no longer tightly holding the "cheap" to be proud of. Survival of enterprises are facing a serious crisis, oil purifier companies have only two choices, either continue to export low-quality low-price goods to die slowly; or limitations, and solve the problem, took a more spacious road. Practice shows that brand image in the great efforts, the majority of merchants still accept the price increases, the number of export products within a short time may be reduced, but did not decline in total exports, of course, export profits to improve.

Export products to create brand image is an old topic, but also the companies should be concerned about any new problems. Establish a brand image through a variety of ways to enhance the brand value and core competitiveness of enterprises, and setting a good technology and quality products, the Block is a light shining gold profit. "All things are difficult reap," the oil purifier if we do not want time-consuming business enterprises carefully cultivated brand image, and even death clinging to low prices and hold, that the brand does not work, then the wind and rain to attack, they will feel a big difference whether the brand.

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