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Domestic oil purifier product development trend analysis

Data shows that China's current domestic oil purifier in the oil treatment, oil purification equipment market share has exceeded 60%. Demand from the market, our country as a manufacturing power electronic products, oil recycling machine in the market has great development potential, and now the industry is facing oil purifier product upgrades, although some manufacturers have recognized this trend and have begun act, but he still stays in the present technology improvements. For instance, some equipment, installation of an environmental unit, some way to change a mode of control of the big technological breakthrough is still relatively small. Significantly enhance the technical content, product upgrading, improve service levels, still need to focus on domestic oil purifier and solve problems.

From the present situation of domestic oil purifier manufacturing, from product quality on a single, domestic and imported oil purifier has been gradually narrowing the gap, but the lack of capacity of independent innovation, to imitate the situation is still prevalent. In terms of price, and other domestic equipment still have to import much lower Bi Boer. Chongqing is China's long oil purifier, vacuum oil purifier products, the main production base. Now, the production of manufacturing enterprises in Chongqing oil purifier cover oil deal with the basic species, oil purification equipment in all aspects of market demand, fully equipped with the whole plant output capability, and technological content of products of some enterprises close to or even part of the quality brands more than foreign oil purifier products.

Oil purifier product development trends, oil purifier companies how to adjust the production it?

1. digital: Digital is the future development trend of the manufacturing sector, it convenient, fast, global remote synchronization, accurate, personalized, standardization and so on, as the world's top brands and manufacturers of information technology aspects of primary consideration.

2. intelligence: market demand for more and more hope the oil purifier device with intelligent features, a machine can and can adapt to different working environments.

3. the automation: more and more customers choose to use automated equipment, and many oil purifier factory automation equipment is also applied a lot of money on R & D investment, to expect the next round of economic boom in the occupation of the initiative.

"Environmental protection, energy saving, efficient and safe" is basically oil purifier industry, the eternal subject, in many aspects of our oil treatment is still much room for improvement. These themes are also oil purifier manufacturer in the process of developing the product should be concerned.

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