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JL-J high precision oil purifier series

JL-J high precision oil purifier series
JL-J high precision oil purifier series JL-J high precision oil purifier series JL-J high precision oil purifier series
It appliable for metallurgical smelting, electric power, chemistry, plastics machinery, forging equipment, rolling mill equipment, engineering machinery and ship power industries ,such as lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, gear oil, quenching oil, rolling oil, emulsion, transformer oil, phosphate ester fire-resistant oil, water ethylene glycol, paint etc medium, purification of solid particles high efficiently. Also appliable for  filtration the phosphate ester flame resistant hydraulic oil and other corrosive oil. Purification solid contaminants fast, high efficiency ,The filtration ratio is βx(c)≥1000, the filtration precision 1um、3um、6um、12um、15um、20um; After continuously purify the liquid reach NAS3-6.
●Adopted Germany import oil pump, suitable for temperature from - 20 ℃ to 80 ℃, the viscosity from 10 to 10000 CST
●Filter adopts aluminum alloy material, light and corrosion resistance, liquid do not produce pollution because of casing corrosion.
Motor adopt ABB company products.
●Setting up the oil sampling valve; Setting up the visual intuitive pressure gauge; Install exhaust valve achieve to  filter full load operation.
●Filter adopt one stage fine filter or multistage filter treatment, setting up sound and light alarm prompt replacement filter.
●Default phase and phase dislocation protection  can prevent the motor reversal or default phase .It can protect oil pump and the filter element.
●The function of suction inlet filter protects oil pump and prolongs the life of the filter element.
●If the water content very few , It can choose cellulose filter to  adsorb moisture
●Can Choose the online particle tester or cloose the flow meter.
Technical Parameter List
Model Unit LS-JL-20J LS-JL-50J LS-JL-100J LS-JL-150J LS-JL-200J LS-JL-300J LS-JL-500J
Flow L/h 1200 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 30000
Power supply V 380V/50Hz(or at user’s option)
Motor Power KW 1.5 1.5 1.5 3 4 5.5 7.5
Pipeline Diameter mm 32 32 40 50 50 60 80
Net Weight Kg 150 180 200 230 250 280 350
L*W*H mm 700*800*950 750*800*950 800*850*1000 1000*850*1100 1200*950*1100
Filtration Precision μm ≤ 10 (or as needed)
※ Dimension and weight will be changed with the changing of the technical specification.
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