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FZB Waste Oil Distillation Plant

FZB Waste Oil Distillation Plant
Product introduction:
The plant is mainly to treat the waste oils, such as waste engine oils, lubricant oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, diesel, mixed oils…etc. It can efficiently convert the waste oils to base oil under high temperature. The working temperature is between 80-320 degree, which can damage the carbon molecule, and reform the molecule to be diesel. During the distillation, the waste oil becomes to be oil mist, oil mist then is cooled to be liquid under condensers, further to de-sulph, de-color in the special tanks. Mean while it effectively removes the remained bad matters, such as bitumen, wax, impurities, water, acid, remained carbon, oxide, finally the oil will be converted good and qualified standard.  The end product- recycled diesel can be widely used to plenty of equipment, such as trucks, tractors, diesel engines, heavy trucks, it also can be used the burning material. And also the customers can further make it to be different types and grades oils by adding additives according to their different requests.
This plant is suitable for the small oil refinery factories or those companies, which need to treat the waste oils. It is an idealistic energy saving product, and friendly to the environment. The running cost is also low during process of treatment.
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