Insulating Oil Purifier
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Insulating Oil Purifier

Insulating Oil Purifier Series mainly but not limited contains:  (I) ZJA-T Series Ultra-high Voltage Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier,  (II) ZJA Series Two-Stage High Efficiency Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier, (III) JY Series Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier, (IV) BYL Series Online Transformer On-load Tap Changer Oil Purifier, (V) LBZ Series Transformer Oil Regeneration Device, (VI) ZJJ-I Series Online Vacuum Oil Filling Machine, and are mainly used for purifying, regenerating, refining, and refilling insulating oil, dielectric oil, transformer oil, conductor oil and other high voltage dielectric oil. Different sub-series with different treatment capacity and different features and functions for different oil quality source

(I) ZJA-T Series Ultra-high Voltage Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier are especially applied to 500KV, 750KV and 1000KV AC power grid and ±660KV, ±800KV DC power grid for the insulating oil treatment and maintenance. ZJA-T machine is very powerful in abilities of vacuum degassing, dehydration and filtration for insulating oil or transformer oil. It applies to on-site transformer maintenance and deep purification of new transformer oil, imported transformer oil oil, mutual inductor oil and ultra high voltage transformer oil. It can also be used for transformer oil vacuum filling and vacuum drying operation.

(II) ZJA Series Two-Stage High Efficiency Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier are widely used for industries of power plant, power station, electricity company, transformer factory, metallurgy, petrochemical, mechanical engineering, transportation, railway and transformers manufacturing etc. Especially, it applies to maintenance of transformers above 110KV and deep purification of high grade new transformer oil, imported transformer oil, mutual inductor oil and ultra high voltage transformer oil. It can be also used for oil vacuum filling and vacuum drying as well as transformer vacuum evacuation operation.  Moreover, the machine can be working online without stop of transformers. 

(III) JY Series Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier are widely used for industries of power plant, power station, electricity company, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy and transformers manufacturing etc. It applies to purification operation of insulating oil such as unqualified transformer oil, mutual inductor oil, circuit breaker oil, capacitor oil, cable oil and high voltage switch oil etc to remove water, gas and mechanical impurities and improve flash point and dielectric strength of the insulating oil. The machine can be working to treat unqualified transformer oil online without power-off and machine-stop, no need to change oil, no filter paper and transformer on-load. It can be also used for vacuum oil filling and electric equipment vacuum drying as well as transformer vacuum evacuation operation;

(IV) BYL On-load Tap Changer Oil Purifier is designed for bypass circulation filtration operation of on-load tap changer. It can filtrate the switch oil at regular time on the condition of transformer system normal working. During the process, free carbon, water, oxidation material and impurities are effectively removed so as to ensure the quality and dielectric strength of switch oil, prolong the life time of switches and their maintenance period, ensure the steady power supply voltage and make on-load tap changer more safety and reliable.  As special equipment, BYL is generally equipped together with on-load tap switches permanently(wall mounting type or lateral fixed style) with multiple choices for different flow capacities and functions. It is suitable for all kinds of on-load tap changers. 

(V) LBZ Series Transformer Oil Regeneration Device can regenerate deteriorated transformer oil through physical and chemical methods. The machine adopts specialized decontaminating agent for regeneration of transformer oil and switch oil to remove acid materials, suspended substance, sediments and polar materials. The treated oil can keep the basic performance and oxidation resistance property and meet the standard of new transformer oil. Meanwhile the treatment can improve the insulation properties and safety performance of the oil. (During operation, we suggest our clients to adopt vacuum oil purifier to purify the oil firstly. Then use the LBZ machine to regenerate the transformer oil. It will obviously lower the operation cost and improve the efficiency by this way. )

(VI) ZJJ-I Series Online Vacuum Oil Filling Machine (or named oil recharge machine, vacuum oil recharge machine and transformer oil filling machine) adopts advanced control technology, high quality filters and high efficiency vacuum pump. It has functions of automatic vacuum evacuation and on-load oil filling which can effectively control water content in insulating oil and is widely used for oil filling of electric current transformers or potential transformers (abbreviation as CT, PT) in electrical system for oil level adjustment after periodically taking oil sample and oil testing. It solves the problems of traditional method of artificial oil filling which may cause air absorption of CT/PT coil or illusive oil level caused by residual air. By adopting ZJJ-I machine, there will be no air bubbles formed and no need to stop PT/CT during the oil filling process. The machine is with small size, reliable performance and convenient operation which can greatly reduces the labor intensity and difficulties of work and ensure the safety of the equipment operation. It is widely applied to all types of power substations and other working conditions for oil filling and vacuum evacuation. The ZJJ online vacuum oil filling machine is mainly composed of special connector, oil pump, oil tank, primary filter, electric heater, fine filter, liquid level sensor, temperature sensor, vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, valve group and electric control system.


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