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Gas Treatment Equipment

LUSHUN Gas Treatment Equipment mainly refers to the equipment applied in the industrial field of oil treatment, mainly as dry air generator (producer), SF6 insulating gas recycling, regeneration, and inflation equipment for large electrical devices. It mainly but not limited contains: (I) GF Series Dry Air Generator, (II) SF6 Gas Regeneration Purification And Inflation Machine. 

(I) GF Series Dry Air Generators are widely applies to large scale electrical equipment such as transformers and electric reactor for supplying dry air during maintenance. The provided dry air can keep insulation status in the electrical equipment against wet and protect service person inside the equipment against oxygen-lack. The dry air is much more reliable, economical, safe and convenient than nitrogen. Meanwhile its working condition will not be affected by climate and especially for the situation of overnight job, transformer and electric reactor will not get wet only if work man seals all flanges and fill dry air with 0.1-0.3Mpa pressure and no need to fill oil. By this way, the workload for discharging and filling oil will be saved, maintenance period will be shortened and efficiency will be improved. During oil filtration process, we can also fill oil tanks of the equipment with dry air. It can ensure improvement of oil insulation quality and reduction of water content during oil purification process in rainy days and wet condition. When the dry air generator is connected to tank farm or tank station, it can keep the stored oil in qualified condition for long time so as to prepare for urgent use at any time. This machine can also be used for other storeroom, book room and production area which need to be dried.

(II)  SF6 Gas Regeneration Purification And Inflation Machine is mainly used for sectors of SF6 electric appliance or switch manufacturer, power supply bureau, power transmission and distribution project company, hydropower construction company, research institutes and power plant etc. it is necessary equipment for manufacturing,installation and maintenance of high voltage transmission and distribution equipment. The product is developed by adopting Germany DILO technology and combined with rich experience of our company, foreign advanced compress-liquefaction technology, auxiliary freezing liquefaction theory and the latest patented technology.  The equipment have full seven functions: vacuum evacuation, regeneration, liquefaction, purification, storage, air-inflation and air filling.


Add:  No.88 Jinzhugou Xinqiao Village, Shapingba District, Chongqing, China
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